ATM Rental

We Offer ATM Rentals!

Even in today’s increasingly credit-driven society, there is no substitute for cold, hard cash. As a business owner, you probably prefer to be paid in cash whenever possible – it’s much more convenient than a check, and you’re not subjected to margin-killing fees from the credit card companies. But if customers don’t have cash, you think you simply have to make do with what they offer.

With help from Broadway Amusements, that no longer has to be the case! We offer ATM rentals that are perfect for everything from hotels and convenience stores to bars, stadiums, restaurants, and more. Best of all, many of our ATM rentals are available at no charge to you. Instead of charging you for the rental, we split the fees that come from the ATM. So not only do you add convenience for your customers and reduce their reliance on expensive (for you) credit cards, you also get a supplementary revenue stream!

Where Can You Use Our ATM Rentals?

• And More!

Give your guests the convenience of an ATM, and give yourself increased freedom from credit-card fees as well as a potentially lucrative income stream. Call us today to learn more about our ATM rentals!
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